Adding Some Outdoor Living Space With A New Deck

Posted on: 27 May 2020

Adding a deck to your home is an excellent way to expand your living space outside. It offers you the benefit of having a place to spend time with family and friends when the weather is good and can be an excellent addition to a pool area as well. 

Designing Your Deck

If you are planning a new deck for your home, working with a custom deck contractor is the perfect place to start. The contractor will have some examples of previous deck designs that they constructed and can offer you some ideas for your deck. 

Designing the deck can be challenging if you are not sure what you want, so take your time, look at a lot of pictures and designs, and ask questions when you have them. For some people, a simple, single-level deck is all they want. For others, a multi-level deck that allows you to walk from the house to the yard or the pool deck is essential. 

The perfect deck for your home is the one that meets your needs and offers you the functionality that fits into your lifestyle. The deck contractor can help you decide what that design is, but you will have to make the final choices. 

Permits and Boundaries

When you are building a new deck, you will need to have the proper permits for the job. In some areas, that is a simple building permit. In other areas, they may require the custom deck contractor to submit plans to the building inspector and show that the deck will not be too close to the property line and is safe in its design. 

The deck contractor you are working with will take care of this part of the process for you, but if you are curious about it, ask your contractor what the requirements are in your area, and they can explain them to you. It is also important to note that if you are going to have a hot tub or spa on the deck, you may need to indicate that on the plans and show that the construction will support the weight. 

Constructing the Deck

Once the permits are in place, the construction can begin. The deck contractor will bring a crew to the job, and depending on the complexity of the deck they will put it together pretty quickly. In many cases, it may only take a couple of weeks to build the entire deck and have it ready to use. 

Maintenance on the deck is not difficult and consists of cleaning it with a hose from time to time and applying a sealer to the wood every couple of years.

If you're ready to add a deck, contact a custom deck contractor near you.