The Warning Signs That Indicate Your AC Needs Repairs ASAP!

Posted on: 5 November 2020

Air conditioning is one of the most important appliances in most parts of America because summer provides excruciating heat and winter can be bitterly cold. Because of this, there is very little time that an AC gets to have off, as it is constantly in use almost all year. This can mean that problems with your AC go unnoticed or are simply assumed as normal wear and tear, but often these warning signs indicate a much larger problem about to occur. Here are three warning signs that you should watch out for that indicate you need to call for AC repair.

Vents Not Changing Direction

If you have a split-system air conditioning unit, then it most likely directs air through the use of vents or grills at its front. If these vents stop moving but cold or warm air still continues to come out, then most people will simply leave it as they think the unit is still working fine. However, this mechanical error could be the signs of a lot bigger problem internally. Even if it is just a problem with the vents, you still should get it looked at so that you can maximize the heating or cooling of your home, as without these vents it can be very slow to take action.

Changing Of Settings

Most modern AC units come with many different settings and cycles which can be very useful. The only problem is sometimes the internal computers on the AC units will malfunction and tell it to cycle through them at quite a rapid rate. If you find that your AC is going from hot to cold to dehumidify and so on, then you may want to call for a technician to look at it. This problem will not go away on its own, and it can often get worse, leading to total system failure. 

Slow To Act

Whether you have ducted or a split-system unit, your AC should have a relatively constant warm-up period that it takes to truly get going heating or cooling your home. If this intermediary period starts to get longer, it is a sign that something is not working as efficiently as it could be. Whether that is the actual cooling system, a filter, or even an electrical issue, something is wrong and needs to be replaced by an AC repairman. The last thing you want is to have to wait hours for any sort of result from your AC, so get it checked out. 

Reach out to an HVAC company, such as Nathan's Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. to schedule any needed repairs.