Understanding The Effects Of Ignoring Concrete Foundation Issues

Posted on: 23 December 2020

If you have noticed cracks around the doors and windows of your home, you may be in need of concrete foundation services. Potential concrete foundation issues should not be ignored. They can lead to a need for advanced measures to prevent a home from collapsing. The costs for these mitigations can be minimized if homeowners respond to the signs that damages exist. The following points will help you understand more about foundation repairs.

Warning Signs

Homes with foundation problems will initially form cracks. These cracks can form in various areas. This is one of the reasons that homeowners should not expect to only see cracks in the foundation area. Cracks may form in ceramic tiles, around windows and doors, walls, and the slab foundation. Extensive damages may exhibit themselves in the form of windows and doors being hard to close. Some doors may also be difficult to open in advanced stages. 


Almost every home will have some cracks due to the natural settling of the soil and seismic activity that occurs in some areas. Some cracks may be present as soon as a foundation has been poured and cured. These cracks are the result of some concrete mixes not having the chemical composition to cure evenly and are usually not a concern. The seriousness of cracked foundations comes down to the size and location of the cracks. Hairline cracks may not be a sign of serious troubles and can be remedied using simple fixes such as patching the mortar. Large cracks pose a more significant threat as well as cracks that occur in the joints of the masonry.

Mitigation Options

There are a number of approaches that can be taken to preserve foundations and the overall integrity of homes. The purpose of making repairs to problem areas is to stop the issue from progressing. One approach is installing helical piers in foundations to stabilize them. It may also be necessary to address the root causes of the foundation problems such as poor drainage. 

Long-term Effects

Homeowners who do not address foundation problems may be able to live in their homes for many years as the issue gets progressively worse. Their lack of action could lead to their homes being uninhabitable due to structural problems that make them vulnerable to collapse. Individuals who own homes with severe foundation problems in some jurisdictions may be forced to move out of their homes due to local building codes. A home's value may be significantly lowered when advanced foundation problems exist.

Concrete foundation services can aid in identifying signs of foundation problems and applying appropriate fixes. The services can also include preventative services such as waterproofing, which is a service that protects foundations from moisture intrusion. Foundations that get compromised by moisture are susceptible to cracks. 

If you have more questions about concrete foundation services, contact a local contractor.