Two Important Measures For A Long-Lasting Commercial Roof

Posted on: 27 January 2021

There are a lot of reasons for keeping the roof of your business in as good of shape as you can. You should learn as much as you can about your business structure, its systems, the appliances and equipment, and anything else that is important to the integrity and the welfare of the building and the business itself. Below is a good place for you to start because it covers a couple of the main things you want to have done in order to ensure you are putting proper effort into keeping the roof in the best condition possible: 

Have the roof routinely inspected without fail

When it comes to commercial roofs, you should follow the standard and have the roof professionally inspected twice a year. This is going to be your best line of defense when it comes to keeping the roof in as good of shape as is possible. Not only should you have it inspected twice per year, but you should also try to schedule those inspections for the right time of the year. 

One of them should take place right before spring or in the very beginning of springtime. The other roofing inspection should take place right before fall, or in the beginning of fall. Inspections can locate threats to the roof that should be promptly dealt with, such as large branches that are dangerously close. They can also uncover roof damage that needs to be fixed before the seasonal weather sets in. 

Have the roof cleaned 

Another thing you want to do is to stay on top of the roof when it comes to keeping it clean. Many times, you can see most of the commercial roof so you know when you need to call someone out for a cleaning. Other times, your commercial roof may not be visible, which is often the case with flat commercial roofs. In this case, you may want to call the roofer out to see if it needs cleaning and to take care of it if it does when you know it's highly likely it is dirty. 

For example, if you have had a storm blow through that has left leaves all over the ground around your business from tall trees, then it's likely the roof has gathered a lot of leaves and other debris. You can have a camera mounted to the roof if you choose, so you can keep an eye on its condition. Keep in mind that damage can also be found during a cleaning, so this can be one more way to make sure repairs are found and dealt with right away to avoid bad situations.