Exterior Waterproofing Tips For Homeowners

Posted on: 11 February 2021

One of the more important renovations you could have performed to your property is waterproofing the exterior. This will prevent water from having an impact and subsequently reduce the chance of water damage. You'll just need to rely on these tips when carrying through with exterior waterproofing.

Review Possible Vulnerabilities First

Before you start working out some waterproofing solutions for the exterior, it helps to first review vulnerabilities around this part of your home. Where could water possibly get through, and why would this be able to happen? 

It may be because the slope around the exterior isn't high enough to push water back, or maybe there are structural problems in the foundation where water can get through. Assessing potential water vulnerabilities will help you get a more focused approach to exterior waterproofing, and then your solutions won't be random. They'll have a particular purpose that you can feel good about.

Take a Multi-Solution Approach

One exterior waterproofing solution may hold up for a little bit, but if you want your property being truly protected from water and the damage that can come with it, take a multi-solution approach to exterior waterproofing. That will deliver better results because there are multiple systems working at once to keep water from creating problems around your property.

You might set up a high-quality drainage system on the roof, build up the slope, and put special waterproofing products around the siding of your home. Multiple waterproofing steps will cost more, but you'll have a better shot at limiting the impact of water.

Look for High-Grade Sealing Products

If part of your exterior waterproofing plan is to seal up cracks in the foundation of your home, then you need to be careful and get a sealing product that is high-grade. Then your efforts will be effective.

You'll effectively seal cracks around the exterior so that even if water is able to bypass other waterproofing systems, it won't have to chance to soak through and affect internal systems and structures like a basement. Find out which high-grade sealing products have the best reviews and give you no reason to doubt their sealing results.  

Exterior waterproofing exists in many forms and involves different materials, but regardless of which solutions you're considering for your property, make sure you plan them out and have total confidence in their effectiveness on your particular property. You'll then get more out of exterior waterproofing when it's performed.