3 Ways A Dumpster Rental Keeps Your Construction Site Environmentally Friendly

Posted on: 22 October 2021

Debris accumulation on a construction site presents different hazards, including risks to the personal safety of the construction crew. It can also reduce the efficiency of operations if people and vehicles have to negotiate through mountains of debris. A dumpster rental presents an ideal solution because it can handle large amounts of debris to clean the site. You should also think of recycling the debris that goes into the dumpster to make your construction eco-friendly. A dumpster rental becomes useful in several ways:

Promoting Construction Site Safety

Construction debris contains dangerous objects, including glass shards, nails, screws, and sharp concrete pieces. Uncollected debris can cause different injuries, including cuts and stab wounds. Besides keeping a construction site clean, debris collection protects you against legal action from injuries in the workplace. Workplace injury compensation can be very expensive, more so when you overlook taking insurance. A dumpster rental is a small investment compared to these risks. They come in different sizes, so you can pick one that suits your site's size. A dumpster rental can hold all kinds of construction debris, making it more efficient for removal.

Higher Efficiency in Garbage Removal

Using trash cans on a construction site would be inefficient because you must line up many of them to handle huge amounts of debris. They also take up a lot of space and cause traffic inconveniences for vehicles on site. Removing them would also be an inefficient use of your time if you had to make several trips to the landfill. A dumpster rental offers efficiency in debris removal by holding large quantities in one container. It is easy to move around the construction site and the landfill. In addition, there's time efficiency because you need fewer trips.

Promote Construction Recycling

You can make your construction activity more environmentally friendly by recycling the construction debris. It reduces the resources your construction takes from the environment in terms of energy and new resources. For example, recycling paper and cardboard reduces your demand for lumber and therefore needs fewer cut trees. A dumpster rental enables construction recycling by holding debris that can later be sorted and recycled. For example, you can crush concrete pieces into new concrete. Leftover dirt, rock, and sand will be useful in landscaping. Metal, wood, and glass debris can go to the nearest recycling center and be redeemed for cash or any other reward.

Would you like to make your site safe and friendly to the environment? Talk to a garbage removal service to arrange for a dumpster rental for debris collection. Click here for more information about dumpster rental services.