Looking For A Deck Railing? 4 Options To Choose From

Posted on: 4 November 2021

When creating your backyard deck, the railing is the finishing touch that ties the entire design together and gives character to your home. While a rail might not be a requirement when building a deck, it is an essential part of the design. It creates a safety barrier between the deck on a raised surface and the rest of the backyard. The market has countless deck railing styles, and picking one might be challenging. Here are four top options that you should consider. 

Metallic Deck Railings

A metallic deck railing is a classic way to finish the outdoor space. You can achieve the look by installing metallic pickets at regular intervals around the deck. Also, you can choose materials like iron, steel, and powder-coated aluminum for the pickets. Some contractors will combine the aluminum with a wood railing for a soft touch. However, you can also get a metallic rail if you want uniformity of the entire unit. You could also choose metallic balusters and have them installed by a professional. 

Composite Railing

Composite railing systems are usually low-maintenance and also affordable. Their installation process is also easier than when using other alternatives. If you have already installed a composite deck, you can install a railing that matches the composite material. You can buy the railing pieces as kits that will lock together once you follow the installation instructions. You can also have your deck installation contractor handle the process for you. 

Wooden Railing

The typical deck must have a top and bottom board made from wood. The pickets might come from other materials, but the standard for the top and bottom is wood. However, you can choose to have a wooden structure whereby the top, bottom, and pickets will come from wood. The people that make wooden decks invest time and effort to ensure the results are top-notch. They carve elaborate designs onto the top of the balustrades in a manner that complements your exterior décor. 

Glass Railing

Glass is a relatively new railing option but has gained a lot of popularity as a deck material. The contractors install it by first creating a supportive frame and rail from aluminum. Glass forms a seamless transition between the spaces and opens up your backyard in an elegant way.

You can consult a competent deck installation expert to help you design and install your deck railing. They will help you weigh the pros and cons of each material, and you can settle on the best one for your needs. Contact a deck railing service for more information.