Reasons To Kick Off The New Year With Residential Chimney Cleaning

Posted on: 17 January 2022

As more and more homeowners move towards contemporary interior design, some people have started to think that fireplaces are obsolete, but this is grossly untrue. Not only does having a fireplace provide you with economical and eco-friendly heating for your home, but the undeniable rustic charm of this feature not only works to add character to your home but can also bolster the resale value of the property.

But to make the most of these and other advantages, you need to make sure you are providing your fireplace with adequate care and maintenance. Where some people go wrong is by simply focusing on cleaning the fireplace and overlooking the chimney, yet the chimney plays the important role of venting out toxic fumes and, subsequently, maintaining the air quality in the home. Keep reading to learn a few reasons why you should kick off the new year by hiring residential chimney cleaning services.

Residential chimney cleaning enhances performance

The leading reason why your fireplace provides you with an economical heating solution is that it burns wood as fuel to generate heat for your household. Nonetheless, even if you are not reliant on electricity to keep your fireplace operational, you should know that the rate at which it burns the firewood efficiently is directly dependent on the health of the chimney. For the wood to burn evenly, there needs to be sufficient oxygen coupled with great ventilation.

While the fireplace can pull the oxygen from your home, the chimney is tasked with ensuring hot air is ventilated out, making room for fresh oxygen for the fire to burn evenly. When the chimney is clogged with debris, smoke is not vented out of the fireplace adequately, which causes the fireplace to produce excessive smoke. If this is an issue you have faced during the winter, it is a sure-fire sign that you need to hire residential chimney cleaning for enhanced performance.

Residential chimney cleaning alleviates rancid smells

You may not notice any pungent odors coming from your fireplace when it is not in use but the moment that you need heating and light it up, your entire house can be engulfed by a foul stench. And this is due to an array of reasons. Pests, for instance, tend to look for shelter in the chimney during the months of prolonged disuse, so it is not uncommon to find nests, fecal matter, and even dead birds and rodents in the chimney. Lighting the fireplace will lead to putrid smells in your home.

Soot, conversely, will accumulate during periods of extended use. Thus, at some point, lighting the fireplace will cause a smoky odor to pervade the home. When you kick off the new year with residential chimney cleaning, you are being proactive about keeping your home free of unwanted smells.