If You Want Your Gutters To Last, Here Is Why You Need To Pick Copper As Your Material Of Choice

Posted on: 23 February 2022

Gutters are a very important and often underrated aspect of many homes, after all, they protect you from the effects that rainwater can have on the facade of your home. You might think that all gutters are virtually the same thing when choosing a material for your home, which is a mistake that many people live to regret. Before you simply buy the cheapest or most readily available gutters, here are a few reasons why you should consider splurging a little bit more and getting yourself copper gutters.

Copper Is Long-Lasting

Copper will not rust, which is very important to note as this is one of the primary problems that cheaper metals have. In addition to not rusting, copper does not erode fast at all because it has a special process where the material oxidizes and a green surface layer called the patina is formed. This patina is still aesthetically pleasing to look at, just like the copper was before, and will ensure that nothing else really penetrates the copper and causes damage in the long run. That is why you often see houses that are decades old with copper gutters still intact.

Good In The Heat

A lot of metals react quite strongly to changes in temperature, and you can often hear them creaking and cracking as the mercury soars. This can actually create serious problems for your gutters because they can warp out of position and become almost useless and in need of replacement. Copper gutters, on the other hand, have a much higher tolerance to heat and therefore are not as susceptible to high heat as other, cheaper and softer metals are.

Add Inherent Value To Your Home

You might think that spending more on an expensive gutter system is a waste and you will never see that money again but in truth, the opposite is often correct. Due to the fact that many people know that copper gutter systems are stronger and more durable, houses with them attached often get a boost in their overall price due to the inherent value offered by the presence of these gutters. That means that you are not spending this money and never seeing it again, you are actually investing in your own property, and if you choose to sell you will see that sum returned and often increased. 

If you are interested in copper gutter installation, contact a contractor in your area.