Flooring Solutions You Can Contemplate For Your Children's Playroom

Posted on: 18 March 2022

Selecting residential flooring materials is not solely about aesthetics. As a homeowner, you probably consider an array of factors, such as the durability of the material, how it feels underfoot, the cost of ownership, and much more. But while these considerations could be at the forefront of your thought process when you are investing in flooring supplies for the living spaces in your home, not much attention is paid to kids' areas, especially the playroom. You probably assume that as long as you install carpeting into this room, your children will be fine, which is a gross misassumption.

In truth, carpeting can be incredibly unhealthy for kids' spaces since they trap dust and grime. Not to mention that they are a nightmare to keep clean, as kids are bound to spill food, drinks, and, in the worst-case scenario, bodily fluids on this flooring. So which options should you consider? Below are alternative flooring solutions you can contemplate for your children's playroom.

Hardwood Flooring Supplies

Hardwood flooring is typically associated with formal living spaces, and this is unsurprising when you take its premium price tag into account. However, the characteristics that lend this flooring its extravagant price tag are what make it perfect for kids' playrooms. To begin with, hardwood flooring is available in a wide array of colors. Hence, if you find that vibrant reds and deep browns are too sophisticated for your children's playroom, you could opt for lighter hues that will complement the interior design of this space.

Secondly, hardwood flooring offers incredible endurance. Unlike its softwood counterparts, this material will not develop dents and scratches from your children's activities. However, you have to ensure that you select a hardwood species that offers superior hardness, for example, red oak. The main drawback of hardwood flooring is its vulnerability to moisture damage. Nevertheless, as long as you wipe spills immediately and have flooring installers seal the surface regularly, the timber will retain its durability.

Bamboo Flooring Supplies

If hardwood flooring is too expensive for your taste, you may want to consider bamboo flooring supplies for your children's playroom for several reasons. For starters, bamboo is the perfect alternative to hardwood flooring since it offers you the timber aesthetic you could be looking for without having to pay an exorbitant amount of money for it.

Moreover, when it comes to sustainability, bamboo is one of the eco-friendliest solutions that you could consider. Certainly, hardwood timber can be harvested responsibly. However, hardwood tree species are more vulnerable to endangerment than bamboo supplies are, as this grass species grows at an accelerated rate. Bamboo supplies are also inherently resistant to stains and scratches, making them ideally suited to children's playrooms. Look into a local flooring company for more details.