What Types Of Equipment And Supplies Will You Need For Your Asphalt Business?

Posted on: 15 July 2022

You might like asphalt because of the fact that it's an affordable, versatile, and long-lasting material. You might even like asphalt so much that you are interested in starting an asphalt business. After all, this can be a good way to make money, and you'll be able to help people get and enjoy the paved surfaces that they want. Naturally, you're going to need the right equipment and supplies to get your asphalt business off the ground. If you're wondering what types of equipment and supplies you'll need, you may want to start with the items listed below.

Asphalt Mix

First of all, of course, you're going to need an asphalt mix that can be used to make asphalt. There are both hot and cold mixes that can be used. Hot mix asphalt has to be heated to a certain temperature, and it's typically the best choice for bigger paving jobs. Cold mix asphalt is mixed at colder temperatures, which makes it a little bit easier to mix up. However, it's not as strong as hot mix asphalt, and it's not usually the best choice for bigger projects. Instead, it's typically used for things like small patch jobs on cracks and holes.

Mixing Truck

In order to mix up large amounts of asphalt at one time and then transport it to where it is going to be poured, you will need a mixing truck. These trucks will handle the mixing job when you need to mix up a batch of hot mix asphalt. You can then drive the truck from job to job, and you don't have to worry about your asphalt hardening or losing quality in any way.

Milling Machine

A milling machine is used to remove the top surface of the existing pavement. This is done so that there is a nice, smooth surface where new asphalt can be poured and spread out. You will definitely want to purchase a milling machine so that you will be able to prepare each surface before re-paving.

Paving Machine

A paver is a piece of equipment that spreads pavement out smoothly and evenly. Using this type of equipment will allow you to install asphalt in a smoother and better way, and you'll probably find that it will be a whole lot easier, too, since the machine will do most of the work for you.


Even though you might use your paver to do the bulk of the work, you might use a roller for smaller jobs or for finishing purposes. Rollers come in different sizes and weights, so there is a good roller for just about every project.

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