Tips To Cleaning A Storm Drain And Keeping It Maintained

Posted on: 12 September 2022

Storm drains must be kept clean and properly maintained. If not, it will not drain well which can lead to problems. For example, water will back up and get into the street and onto properties. This can lead to soil erosion and can damage paved streets over time. This can also be dangerous for cars if the water gets deep enough. One thing that should be done is storm drain cleaning. This is something that needs to be done by a professional. Below is information on how they clean the storm drain, as well as some tips on keeping it maintained.  

Clean Storm Drain

A professional can clean a storm drain in different ways. One way they may do this is by using high-powered water jetting equipment. This type of jetting is much larger than what is used to clean plumbing pipes and drain lines. Water jetting blasts a powerful spray of water into the storm drain. This loosens clogs and removes debris easily and quickly. 

The professional may choose to use a vacuum truck to clean the storm drain. With this, a sump pump (placed in the back of a vacuum truck) is used. The vacuum hose is placed inside the storm drain, the sump pump is turned on, and it sucks the debris and clogs out. Vacuum trucks are expensive, which is why they are almost only used by professionals. 

They may also use a clamshell bucket truck to clean the storm drain. This is a hydraulic system with a clamshell bucket. The bucket is placed into the catch basin inside the storm drain. It then removes debris and sediment into a sump pump. 

Storm Drain Maintenance

Once the storm drain is cleaned, it is important to keep it properly maintained so it stays cleaner longer. You can do this by inspecting the drain grate periodically. Remove all debris that builds up on drain grates, such as sticks, leaves, grass, etc. Throw these things away so they do not get back onto the storm drain. During the winter months, do not let snow and ice build up on the storm drain grate so water does not get backed up. 

Never try to open a storm drain and remove clogs on your own. This is because dangerous pollutants can get into storm drains that must be taken care of properly. These may be paints, motor oil, antifreeze, fertilizers, pesticides, toxic chemicals, animal excrement, or you may even find a dead animal in the storm drain. 

The storm drain cleaning company can give you many tips on maintaining the storm drain.