5 Tips For Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Posted on: 7 October 2022

Are you installing new wood cabinets in your kitchen, and you want to paint them instead of stain them? If so, you'll want to know the following tips that will help your cabinet painting be successful. 

Prepare A Work Area

It will help to prep an area where you will be doing all your painting, preferably in a garage where you can get plenty of ventilation. You'll want to set up drop cloth or plastic so that you do not make a mess where you are working.

Hang Cabinet Doors When Painting

Hanging cabinet doors will make it easy to paint both sides at once. To do this, you'll need to create a small hole in the edge of the door so that you can attach an eye hook and hang the door. For your upper cabinet doors, you can make a small hole in the top edge of the cabinet door that you do not see. For lower cabinet doors, place the hook along the bottom edge of the cabinet.

You can then attach this cook to a rope hanging from the ceiling or a stand in your prep area. You can paint both sides at once to ensure that the coat is even, which will help the paint look great.

Use A Satin Finish Paint

It's best to use a satin finish paint on your kitchen cabinets because the material is durable and easy to wipe down when it gets dirty. Flat paint can actually scratch off quite easily, and be bad for kitchen cabinets that have a dark color. You'll definitely notice the wear and tear faster with flat paint. 

Use A Paint Sprayer When Possible

You can apply an even coat of paint by using a paint sprayer. It not only makes the job quick and easy, but it will ensure that all of your cabinets look uniform if you use the same technique on all of the wood. However, that only works if your cabinets have not been installed yet. If they have already been installed, you'll need to paint the cabinets with a brush and carefully tape off the edges so that your work doesn't look sloppy.

Protect Hardware With A Primer

Are you painting hardware as well? You'll want to use an automotive primer to ensure any metal hardware is going to have a durable coat of paint on it. Follow it up with a paint specifically designed for metal to create a nice look for your new cabinets.