Drilling A New Well On Your Property

Posted on: 24 October 2022

A water well can allow you to meet your home's needs while avoiding the need to rely on a local water utility. While water wells can be very common features for properties in some areas of the country, there are many people that will not be very familiar with this type of system or the process of constructing a new well.

Obtaining The Permits That Are Necessary For Drilling Well

Without proper management, underground water sources can be depleted very quickly. To combat this particular threat, most communities will have rules in place that determine the type of permits that will be required for a new well to be constructed. Before you can begin the planning process for your project, these permits should be secured as they will dictate the quantity of water that can be drawn from the well and other important use restrictions.

Planning For The Well System's Storage Tank

Homeowners may not realize that modern water wells will have a fairly large storage tank that they will keep filled. When the house is needing water, it will come from this storage tank, and the well pump system will work to refill the tank as quickly as possible. This design can provide a more consistent stream of water to the home. However, they may involve slightly more planning due to the need to account for where the storage tank will be placed and the size of the needed storage tank for the home. A well-installation contractor may be able to help you prepare effective estimates for the size of these tanks so that you can choose the best option for your house.

Preparing The Site And Planning For The Excess Soil

Prior to the well being drilled, the site where it will be located will have to undergo some preparations. This will include thoroughly clearing both the area where the well will be placed and the path leading to it. This will ensure that the contractors are capable of easily reaching the site. In addition to preparing the site, you will also want to plan for the disposal of any excess dirt that may be produced by the project. Depending on the particular well drilling service that you have chosen, they may be able to haul away this excess dirt for you, but this is not always the case or there may be additional fees that you will want to consider as you plan for this aspect of the well construction. 

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