Different Types Of Wood Fencing That Can Suit Your Home

Posted on: 7 November 2022

Wooden fencing gives not only a natural but also an appealing look to your home. Even better, you can select from different woods to fit your needs and budget. You will also be pleased to hear that this fencing is highly versatile and can adapt to your house's design and enhance it. With this in mind, here are various kinds of wood fencing that can suit your home. 


Cedar is probably one of the most sought-after wood fencing choices due to its durability. This is because it can resist any form of rot that emanates from weather elements like rain and snow. Additionally, this wood has insect-repelling properties, which means termites cannot invade and eat your fence. This way, your fence will remain strong and protect your home for many years. Besides that, cedar is naturally striking, and you can choose white or ruby-red cedar during installation. In addition, a specialist can utilize quality sealant to cushion it from sunrays and humidity that may contribute to damage.


Another wood species great for fences is oak, which is strong enough to resist fungal attacks and harsh weather. Moreover, it comes in diverse tones, such as red, gray, beige, and brown. More so, this wood variety gives you a choice to leave your fence as is or paint it for an aesthetic finish. Typically, red and white oaks can be perfect for staining. This way, your fence can get adequate protection from pests and constant exposure.


In most cases, homeowners might not consider pine as it is known to shrink and crack due to excessive sunlight. Additionally, it can be prone to termites and rotting. That said, you will be pleased to know that your pine fence is designed to last longer through chemical treatment. So, if you are considering pinewood fencing, ensure you purchase one that is pressure-treated. You will also be pleased to know that this wood can be cheaper than its counterparts, and painting it can help you attain a distinct appearance. However, you will need to hire an expert to maintain your fence regularly to extend its service life.


Many homeowners prefer redwood due to its visual appeal and superb quality. Perhaps the highlight is that it can stand against decay and bugs. Additionally, an expert can treat your fence to prevent damage from freezing and thawing. Moreover, even a simple task of painting redwood can minimize damage from pests and weather conditions, such as snow. Ultimately, it is best that a professional stains your fence effectively to shield it from any issues. That said, you must note that this wood can be costly, but its aesthetic beauty makes up for the price. So, a redwood fence can enhance your home's worth if you intend to sell it.

The above are diverse kinds of wooden fences that can suit your property. Ensure you consult an expert to get the correct type of wood that is ideal for your location, taste, and needs.

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