2 Signs You Should Replace Your Home's Impact Windows Before The Next Storm Hits

Posted on: 5 December 2022

When you live in an area that is prone to getting severe storms, your home may have impact windows installed. Because of the thickness and durability of these windows, they can withstand high winds and flying debris, which protects the interior of your house.

However, if these windows are damaged in any way, they will not function correctly and could break or blow out during the next round of severe weather. Below are a couple of signs you should look for indicating the need to replace your home's impact windows before the next storm hits your area.

1. Water Is Present on the Interior Surfaces of the Impact Windows' Glass

One sign that you should watch out for when trying to determine whether your home's impact windows need replacing is the presence of water on the interior surfaces of the windows' glass. This water could be in the form of condensation or drops that are making their way in during a rainstorm.

If water is making its way inside, this means that the seals around the glass panes are broken or have started to deteriorate. Since the seals keep the glass panes in place and the water out during storms, you should have a professional replace the windows.

2. Minor Cracks Are Found Around the Edges of the Glass Panes

Another sign that indicates the need for replacing the windows is when you see minor cracks along the edges of the glass panes. You may have to look closely to see them, but even the smallest of cracks can cause issues during a strong storm.

Since the cracks show that the integrity of the windows has been compromised, you should not wait to have them replaced because they could shatter in high winds or a hailstorm. Talk to a contractor about replacing the windows to keep this scenario from happening during the next storm season.

The purpose of the impact windows on your home is to keep damaging high winds and debris out during severe weather. If the windows are leaking or have even minor cracks, they will not be able to do their job properly and may blow out during a storm. If you feel that it is time to replace them, contact a contractor who offers impact window replacement services in your area to have them inspect the current windows and discuss your options for getting new ones installed.