3 Realities To Expect With A Custom Kitchen Cabinet

Posted on: 30 May 2023

The clear advantages of choosing custom kitchen cabinets over stock cabinets are the reason for the growing popularity of custom-made cabinets. You will no doubt love having complete control over the style of your cabinets. For all the advantages that come with this choice, you need to be aware of a few critical things to know about choosing a custom kitchen cabinet over a store-bought one.

1. It Will Cost More

A custom kitchen cabinet designer will always recommend the highest quality materials, which certainly don't come cheap. Again, you will also be paying for personalized designer consultation services. It is, however, well worth the investment as the designer will help bring your vision to life with the final product. 

Additionally, a custom kitchen cabinet requires professional installation for the best results. You want everything to fit as it should, and doing it yourself may not be the right move to achieve this. Professional installation will cost you extra, which you should budget for when planning your kitchen project.

Like the initial design and installation, repairing a custom kitchen cabinet may cost you more. This is expected when you consider the high cost of materials used.

2. You May Have to Wait Longer

With stock cabinets, you just need to walk into a furniture store and get one that matches your budget and preferred style. On the other hand, a custom kitchen cabinet is made to order, with longer lead times.

Wait times will vary depending on your customization needs and who you choose for the job. For some people, having complete control over the customization process may lead them to make changes to the design often, further delaying the process. That said, it may be several weeks before you can have your cabinets delivered and ready for installation.

3. Effect on Resale Value

Like other custom-made items, these kitchen cabinets are a statement of your personal style. What style looks and works great for you may be less appealing to a potential buyer when you are looking to resell your home. The buyer may point this out and throw it in as a bargaining chip that they will need to redo the cabinets and other customized aspects of the home.

Customize Away

The possibilities are endless when designing custom kitchen cabinets. You can choose the style, size, layout, color, and finish. Bringing to life that kitchen cabinet you have always visualized will mean, as outlined, longer lead times, a higher price tag, and down the road, some impact on your home's resale value.

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