4 Reasons You Should Have Professional Roof Repairs

Posted on: 15 June 2023

As your asphalt shingle roof ages, it will most likely need to have repairs done at some point. Replacing shingles isn't difficult, but you may still want a roofer to do the roof repair. Some repairs are more complex and require a roofer with experience and skill, so you may want to think twice about doing something like replacing rotted decking yourself. Working on a roof is dangerous, especially if the deck is rotted. Here's why professional roof repairs are a better idea than attempting to fix your roof yourself.

1. A Professional Usually Has A Lot Of Experience

Experience is useful when working on any kind of home repair project. A roofer works on roofs every day and has seen all kinds of problems, so they know what to do. You might accidentally do the wrong thing and make the condition of your roof worse. A well-intentioned friend or handyperson might also make critical mistakes when working on your roof. Leaving the job to a professional eliminates this problem.

2. You Could Void Your Warranty

If your roof has damage that is covered under a warranty or insurance policy, your claim could be denied if repairs weren't done by a licensed roofer. That's why you should let a professional do roof repairs on a new roof. They'll recognize problems caused by a manufacturer's defect so you can file a claim and get help paying for repairs. Making repairs yourself could mean you'll have to pay to replace or repair your roof out of your own pocket.

3. Professionals Use Safety Equipment

You probably don't want to invest in safety equipment just to make occasional repairs to your roof, so you might take chances when walking and working on your roof. This could potentially lead to a serious injury if you slip or trip. A professional knows when safety equipment is needed due to the slope of your roof or weather conditions. They have everything needed to keep them from falling off your roof so they can work safely and not be distracted by safety issues.

4. A Professional Roofer Could Save Money

Although it pays more to hire a professional roofer than you might pay a friend or handyman to go on your roof to make repairs, using a professional could save money. When they're on your roof, they can inspect for problems you may not know about. The roofer can also spot damage that might be covered by insurance so you can file a claim before the filing period expires. A roofer also makes sure the work is done right rather than just covering up water damage with new shingles. Covering water damage could allow your roof to continue to deteriorate and lead to more expensive repairs later.

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