Choose A Pickleball Court Repair Service That Offers These Things

Posted on: 2 August 2023

Pickleball is a fun outdoor activity to enjoy with family and friends, and you may find that you play several times a week if you have a court on your property. Over time, your court can begin to show signs of wear, so it's good to reach out to a local pickleball court repair service. It's ideal if you can have the company repair your court instead of replacing it, as this will be more economical. You'll want to ensure that the company can perform several important duties on the court's surface, including these three things.

Repair Peeled Sections

The surfaces of some pickleball courts can develop sections where the court surface peels off, resulting in an untidy look and perhaps even a trip hazard. You don't want to ignore these areas, so it's important for your repair service to be able to fix them. These companies can use various methods of repairing peeled sections, from gluing the surface back down to carefully cutting it away and putting in a patch that is an exact color match with the rest of the court. At the conclusion of this work, you shouldn't be able to identify where the peeled sections were.

Fill Cracks

Cracks on the surface of a pickleball court can be problematic because they typically get bigger and deeper over time. Water will feel these cracks each time it rains, causing erosion. If your temperature gets below freezing, water in the cracks will expand as it freezes and cause further damage. Talk to your pickleball court repair service to learn what it will do to deal with any cracks in the surface of your court. The repair work will vary based on the severity of the cracks, but it often involves filling the cracks so that water can no longer get in.

Raise Sunken Areas

A lot of people notice that there are sunken areas on the surface of their pickleball court. A good way to notice these problem areas is when it rains, as these spots will fill with water, resulting in puddles. Raised areas can be challenging to play on, so you want your court repair service to have a plan for leveling these spots. Typically, they'll remove the court surface, add one or more types of filler material to eliminate the sunken areas, and then replace the court on top. Discuss these topics with your pickleball court repair company.